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Our Process

We offer several size buckets and mining rough mixes to choose from.  Each bucket is hand-assembled to ensure a high-quality experience each time.  We buy our rocks by the ton, literally.  Because of our incredible buying power and commitment to excellence, we are able to offer you the highest quality bucket at the greatest value.  Our prices and value simply cannot be beaten!  

Planning your visit

As our store closes at 5:00, please note that the last bucket of mining rough, to be used in-store on our sluice, is sold by 4:30 pm daily.  We encourage you to plan your visit accordingly.  

Or take it home!  All of our mining rough buckets are available in to-go bags!  Add a sand-sifter for only $2.50.  

Plan Your Visit

Bucket Sizes & Pricing

Gem & Mineral Buckets

We utilize over 60 gemstone and mineral varieties from around the world to craft our gem & mineral buckets. Visit our Gem & Mineral identification page to explore a sampling of what you may discover.  

Rockhound Bucket – $12 

Designed as the perfect starter bucket, ideal for a single miner. 

Prospector Bucket – $35

Enough treasure in this 2.5-gallon bucket to make one person really, really happy or share among friends!      

Treasure Quest Bucket – $60 

Dig into this 5-gallon bucket for the Ultimate Treasure Quest!

Sea Shell & Fossilized Shark Teeth Buckets

Our Shell & Shark Teeth Buckets contain shells from the Indian and Pacific Oceans and fossilized sharks’ teeth.  Visit our Shell & Fossil Identification page to explore a sampling of what you may discover.  

Beachcomber Bucket – $12

Designed as the perfect starter bucket, ideal for a single miner. 

Megalodon Bucket – $25

A super-sized Beachcomber that contains a Mosasaur tooth and an authentic, partial mini-Megalodon tooth (or other prehistoric shark species such as the Great White, the Chubutensis, or Angustidens). 

Fossil Bucket

Available in one size only, our curated fossil bucket contains primarily marine life fossils and some terrestrial fossils that span from over 300 million years old to the Ice Age. You may find coral, bits of crinoids, brachiopods, bivalves, ammonites, gastropods, bone, and other prehistoric treasures.  Some of our fossils can be viewed on our Shell & Fossil Identification page

Jurassic Bucket – $35 

This 2.5-gallon bucket is certain to please the marine life fossil enthusiast.

Crack Your Own Geodes

Select your favorite geode and crack it open in our store using our machine, the Kraken!  We custom-designed and built the Kraken to create an interactive and safe way to open your geode.

We currently offer three geode varieties:  

  • Moroccan Geodes ($10) have clear quartz crystals inside. 
  • Trancas Geodes ($12) from Mexico have bluish-grey chalcedony, quartz, or calcite crystals inside.
  • Bravo Geodes ($14) from Mexico may contain a mixture of agate, druzy chalcedony, and ultra-fine quartz crystals

Gold Panning – To-Go Only

This activity is not offered in the store and is only available to-go. Pan for real gold!  Purchase a bag of concentrated paydirt ($14) and pan for real gold. Each hand-assembled bag contains 6 teensy-tiny, but real, gold flakes!  With each purchase, you will receive a glass vial to store your gold flakes. Please note the prospecting pan or shallow bowl is required to pan for gold.  

Mine with us.  You will dig it!

We invite you to join in on the fun! Visit our store to enjoy an indoor, climate-controlled gem mining experience, or bring it home.  Either way, you will dig it!  









Trancas Geodes