At-Home Birthday Parties 

Host a Gem Mining Birthday Party at Your Home!

At-home Parties: HOW IT WORKS

Create a DIY at-home gem mining experience with our take-home bags of mining rough.  Simply set up a simple basin of water, like a kiddie pool or plastic tub, as your wash station.  Pour some dirt into a sand sifter and submerge it in the water to find the treasure!  Watch our YouTube video to learn more about how to create a mining experience at home.  

Please note: As of the Spring 2023, we no longer offer an in-store birthday party package.  


You can select any size or quantity of mining rough to meet your needs.

We recommend selecting the single-user Rockhound or Beachcomber buckets, to ensure a high-quality, equitable experience.  You are welcome to purchase the larger buckets and share them among your party guests, please be advised that the material will not scoop out evenly therefore some guests may receive more treasure than others.  

Each bag of mining rough comes with one identification card and one take-home plastic bag for their treasures.  

Learn more about available bucket sizes & pricing.  


Place your Order

Ready to place an order for to-go mining rough for your party?  Give us a call or send us an email to start the ordering process.  

We only keep a limited supply on hand, therefore pre-orders are encouraged.  To place your pre-order, simply let us know how many bags you’d like and the pick-up date.  You will purchase your bags at the store on the day you pick them up, prepayment is not required to place an order.  Thank you! 

Age Considerations: As our gem mining activities and geodes contain small and sometimes sharp pieces, these activities may not be appropriate for children age 3 and younger.  Parental supervision is required and water basins should not be left unattended.