At-Home Birthday Parties 

Host a Gem Mining Birthday Party at Your Home!

At-home Parties: HOW IT WORKS

Create a DIY at-home gem mining experience with our take-home bags of mining rough.  Simply set up a simple basin of water, like a kiddie pool or plastic tub, as your wash station.  Pour some dirt into a sand sifter and submerge it in the water to find the treasure!  Watch our YouTube video to learn more about how to create a mining experience at home.  


You can select any size or quantity of mining rough to meet your needs. For birthday parties, we recommend selecting the single-user Rockhound or Beachcomber buckets, to ensure a high-quality, equitable experience.  Each bag of mining rough comes with one identification card and one take-home plastic bag for their treasures.  

Learn more about available bucket sizes & pricing.  

Add Party Favors

Purchase our pre-assembled themed party favors in the quantity you need, saving you time and money!  Our favors, priced at $3.95 each, are available in three themes: Dinosaurs, Unicorns & Pirates. 

Place your Order

Interested in placing an order for to-go mining rough for your party? Simply give us a call or send us an email to start the ordering process.  Thank you! 

Age Considerations: As our gem mining activities and geodes contain small and sometimes sharp pieces, these activities may not be appropriate for children age 3 and younger.  Parental supervision is required and water basins should not be left unattended.