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COVID-19 Update:  Our gem mining activity station is now open!  Call us to book your in-store gem mining experience, 919-372-3000.  Reservations are strongly recommended, there is limited walk-in availability.  COVID protocols are followed, masks are required, please read below for additional details.   

Store Hours

Visit us Wednesday through Sunday from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.  Our store is located at 414 Upchurch Street in Apex.  

Gem Mining in-Store

We invite you to mine in our climate-controlled store utilizing our indoor sluice, or “river” of running water.  To help us provide a safe and positive experience for all, we are offering the experience with a limited number of spaces available each day.  Please call our store to reserve your spot (919-372-3000)!  Reservations are strongly recommended to guarantee your spot, there will be limited walk-in availability.  

Note: reservations can only be placed over the phone, not through the website or over email.  Thank you for understanding.  

GeM Mining At-Home

Prefer to mine at home?  It’s easy to do with our to-go mining rough, sand sifters, and a simple water basin.  Watch our YouTube video to show you how to craft an at-home mining experience, it is easier than you think!  All of our buckets are available in a to-go form.  

Simply drop by during our open hours to pick-up your mining rough.  Or if you require curbside pick-up, simply call our store to coordinate this service.  

Pricing and Available Mining Rough

Explore our available mining rough options and bucket pricing.  Our mining rough is available both in-store and to-go!  

Pricing & Mining Rough

Prehistoric Gift Shop

We invite you to explore our Prehistoric Gift Shop to browse gems, minerals, crystals, fossils, and prehistoric themed toys.  No reservations are required, simply drop by.  

Visiting Protocols

We welcome you to visit our gem mine and prehistoric gift shop!  We uphold CDC and NCDHHS sanitation and safety protocols and we invite you to partner with us in following the guidelines.  

  • Masks are required for everyone age 5 and over.  Masks are strongly encouraged for children age 3 and 4.  You will be required to wear your mask properly during your entire visit.  If you are not able to wear a mask, let us know so we can coordinate curbside service for you.  
  • We ask you to wash or sanitize your hands upon entering our shop and do so frequently during your visit.    
  •  Maintaining social distancing is required.  Please be certain to move about the store in a group, to ensure your party is socially distant from others.  
  • Guests will be asked to keep their children and family members at arm’s length so that your group can navigate the store together.  
  • Guests must be free from cold-like or COVID-like symptoms, please only visit us when in good health.  
  • You will notice our team cleaning and sanitizing throughout your visit, which may result in the closure of certain sections of the sluice during the day.  We sanitize each station between groups, along with other high-touch areas (door handles, hand sanitizer pump, countertop, credit card reader, shopping baskets, etc.).  We take sanitation as a very important part of our routine, it is important to us to provide a safe and sanitary environment.  
  • While exploring the gift shop, we encourage you to consider only touching what you may be interested in purchasing.  
  • Absolutely no food, drink, candy, or chewing gum is allowed.  

 We thank you for your continued support of our business and participation in following these protocols.  We hope you enjoy your next Treasure Quest!

Hours and Directions






Gem Mining Sluice at Treasure Quest Mining

Mining rough buckets and treasure

Gift certificates for gem mining at Treasure Quest Mining