Treasure Hunter’s Package

Self-Guided Gem Mining Expedition at our store

This package is a self-guided, mining expedition that you host using our store and party room!  You run the show! 

Package overview

This package offers the greatest value and flexibility with your party.  With this package, you serve as the party host in our space.  You and your guests will have use of the sluice and the party room for a combined total of one hour.  Our staff will provide you and your guests with an overview of how to mine and then be available to you with any questions you may have.  Once your guests are done mining, you can move to the party room. 

You are welcome to bring outside cake/cupcakes but no other outside food or drink is allowed.  We will provide you with paper products and a drink for each miner. You have the option of ordering pizza from us for your party-goers if you would like.  As the party host, you would serve your guests.  Our staff will take care of the clean-up after your party. 

With this party package, your guests will receive a special birthday-party-sized bucket of mining rough, which has 50% more treasures in it than our Rockhound or Beachcomber bucketOur party buckets alone have a retail value of $15; your package also includes the use of the space, paper products and one drink per miner.  

  • We carry an incredible assortment of prehistoric gifts that would thrill your rockhound or aspiring paleontologist!
  • We offer a variety of treasures priced under $20.
  • Purchase your gift at our store oronline.
  • Share with grandparents, aunts and uncles, party guests!
  • Gift Certificates available in our store or you can purchase an eGift Card online!

Treasure Quest Gifts

Pricing & Details
  • Base Price: $169 for the first 10 miners, we can host up to 20 miners!  This is the package minimum. The birthday person is included in this count (birthday person + 9 guests). 
  • Each additional miner: $12.50 each.  Up to 20 miners total. 
  • Add a geode: We have several sizes and prices to choose from, including mini-geodes for $.80 each when you purchase 10 or more. 
  • Cake:  You can order a 1/2 sheet cake through us for an additional $35.  With your purchase, we supply you with candles.  However, you are welcome to bring your own cake, please do plan to bring candles too!
  • Pizza:  You can order one-topping 14″ Papa John’s pizzas through us for an additional $16 per pizza.  We recommend 1 pizza per 4-5 children (depending on age).  Each pizza has 8 slices. 
  • We supply you with paper products (plates, napkins, forks). We provide this to you even if you do not order food from us. 
  • Included in the package is one drink per miner.  Bottled water or juice boxes.  No carbonated or caffeinated beverages. 
    • Additional drinks can be purchased for $1.00 each, or you can add a drink package for a flat $5 to include drinks for all of your guests.  Most families add the $5 drink package so they can provide a drink to everyone without worrying with $1/per bottle charges.  
  • This package includes the use of the sluice and party room for a combined total of one hour.  Children typically take 20-25 minutes to process the mining rough (each child’s pace is different). 
  • 20-miner maximum: We can accommodate 20 miners on the sluice.  We have a small party room, so be prepared for things to be snug, but manageable, with 20 kiddos.  Definitely standing-room-only for parents!  
Mining Rough

You have the option to choose from two mining rough mixes.  You can choose either a Rock or Beach bucket, but should only provide one bucket per child in order to keep the party on schedule. Our birthday party buckets have 50% more treasure in them than our Rockhound or Beachcomber buckets offered through the store.  This size bucket is exclusive to our party guests.  

  • Rock bucket – mining rough that includes gems, rocks, and minerals.  View our Gem Identificationpage to explore the types of stones you may find. 
  • Beach bucket – mining rough with seashells, fossilized sharks’ teeth and other beach finds. Explore ourShell & Fossil Identificationpage to explore the types of shells and sharks teeth you may find.
Scheduling Your Party

We schedule weekend parties on the even hour; 10:00, 12:00, 2:00 or 4:00.  We are able to offer weekday parties, both during the daytime or after our normal business hours.  Please note that our party slots fill up quickly and we can book up to 6 months in advance – so you invited to plan early if you’d like!  Contact us by phone or email to reserve your preferred date and time! 

Other Notes
  • You are welcome to bring balloons for your party.  Our ceilings are 12-14′ tall, so please be certain to have a long string or ensure that they are securely fastened to a balloon clip.
  • No confetti or piñatas, please.  No sparkling candles. 
  • No alcohol or smoking allowed. 
  • A $50 deposit is required at the time of booking.  It is non-refundable but is transferable if the party is canceled more than 72 hours’ prior to the start time.  We will apply your deposit to another reservation within a 2-month window.  Any party canceled with less than 72 hours’ notice will forfeit the deposit. 

Age Considerations: As our gem mining activities and geodes contain small and sometimes sharp pieces, these activities may not be appropriate for children age 3 and younger.  

*Prices do not include sales tax.  Sales tax will be applied.

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