Backyard Miner’s Package

  • Perfect for Birthday parties and small gatherings.
  • Self-guided mining expedition, you set the pace.
  • Priced per activity – several options to choose from.
  • Includes mining material, screening boxes, and buckets.
  • Each party guest takes home their treasures, doubling as the party favor.
  • Prices start at $10 per guest.

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Backyard Miner’s Package


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Backyard Miner’s Package

Interested in hosting a fun, interactive and educational experience for your next party? Looking for a low-cost, flexible option with no limit to the number of participants?  Has your child asked for a gem mining birthday party?  We invite you to explore the Backyard Miner’s Package. 

This package is a self-guided, DIY mining expedition – perfect for backyard birthday parties!  You set the pace and run the show!  We provide you with everything your guests need to find their treasures, you provide the water. 

You have the option to choose from the following:

  • Rock bag – mining rough that includes gems, rocks and minerals.  View our Gem Identification page to explore the types of stones you may find. 
  • Beach bag – mining rough with seashells, fossilized sharks’ teeth and other beach finds. Explore our Shell & Fossil Identification page to explore the the types of shells and sharks teeth you may find.
  • Megalodon bag – a mega-sized beach bag with an authentic Megalodon tooth and other rare finds.  Check out our Identification page to view the types of shells, fossils and teeth you may find. 
  • Geodes – whole Moroccan geodes containing clear quartz crystals.

Your guests will be thrilled with their treasure hunting experience for your next party. And as an added bonus – their treasures are the party favors, saving you time and money!

How it works

We will provide you with mining rough, a sifter, and a collection bucket for each party guest.  You will provide a hose with running water.  Your guests will pour some of their mining rough into the screening box, set it on top of the collection bucket, and then run the water over the material.  The sediment will wash away (into the collection bucket) and will reveal the treasures contained within.  Wash. Rinse. Repeat. 

We also offer whole Moroccan geodes for you to crack with your party guests, or send home with them to crack later.  The geodes typically crack easily and can be opened with a hammer.  Your guests will be amazed by the beautiful crystals contained within.

Quantities & Pricing

The base package starts with 10 bags of mining rough.  You can choose any combination of Rock, Beach or Megalodon bags.  From there, you can add additional bags per guest and/or add a geode for each party-goer. 

  • Base Price: $100 for the minimum quantity of 10 bags of mining rough (either Rock or Beach). In other words, $10 per person for the first 10 guests.
  • Each additional bag of mining rough: $8 per bag. You can mix and match bags or provide your guests with multiple bags each. 
  • Megalodon bags are $25 each and can count toward your first 10 bags, with an upcharge. 
  • Add a geode: $3 per person
  • No limit to the number of guests – you’re only limited by your party space. We will provide you with collection buckets, sifters, and bags of mining rough.  Depending on the size of your party, the amount of equipment may be limited, but guests can rotate through the equipment. 
  • $40 refundable deposit for the equipment 
Winter Parties

Have a winter birthday to plan?  Don’t worry, we offer a dry option.  We have a houseful of winter-babies, so we understand the challenge.  Our dry mix does not require water, offering you an indoor, warmer option for this activity.  Contact us to learn more. 

Additional Notes

Self-Guided: This is a self-guided gem mining expedition, meaning that we do not staff the event.  We provide you with everything you need to host a fun, interactive, memorable party for your child and guests. 

Age Considerations: As our gem mining activities and geodes contain small and sometimes sharp pieces, these activities may not be appropriate for children age 3 and younger.

Travel Considerations: Travel costs within 10 miles of our location in Cary are included in the package. An additional fee will apply for travel beyond 10 miles. Contact us for pricing.

*Prices do not include sales tax.  Sales tax will be applied.

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