Gem Mining

You will dig it!

Visit our store located in Apex to experience indoor gem mining.  No appointment is needed and you do not have to be a part of a group to experience gem mining.  Simply drop by our store during our open hours, purchase a bucket of mining rough and have a great time! 

And one other important note – we charge by the bucket, not by the person.  You are welcome to share a bucket among miners!  Oh, and there is no admission fee!  You can drop by to explore our store and our treasures anytime – no cost, no pressure!  

How it works

Treasure hunters purchase a bucket of mining rough and wash the material in our 35-foot-long indoor sluice.  The running water rinses away the sediment, revealing the treasures contained within the material.  Treasure hunters keep their finds, starting or adding to their collection. 

The Mining Rough Buckets

We offer several size buckets and mining rough mixes to choose from:

Rockhound Bucket – $10

  • contains a half-pound (8 ounces) of gems and minerals from around the world in a rainbow of colors.  You may find well-known semi-precious stones or unfamiliar, unique gems and minerals. 

Prospector Bucket – $30

  • contains 5 times the amount of gems and minerals than you will find in our Rockhound bucket, including some highly-prized finds!  A win for the rockhound at heart! 

Treasure Quest Bucket – $55

  • the motherlode of gem mining buckets!  This 5-gallon behemoth holds 10 times the treasure you will find in our Rockhound bucket, including some precious gems.  This bucket is a true Treasure Quest! 

Beachcomber Bucket – $10

  • contains a hearty handful of our seashells from the Indian and Pacific Oceans, fossilized sharks’ teeth, and other beach finds.  You’ll find shells that are uniquely different than those found on US shores; a great way to add variety to your collection. 

Megalodon Bucket – $25

  • a super-sized Beachcomber complete with an authentic Megalodon tooth and other fossils.  Sure to please the shark enthusiast!

You can view our Treasure Identificationpages to learn more about your treasures. 

Additional Activities

In addition to gem mining in our sluice, we offer a fun and safe way to open a geode. 

Crack Your Own Geode – assorted sizes & prices

  • using our in-store geode-cracker (we’ve affectionately named “the Kraken”), crack open your own Moroccan, quartz crystal geodes.  We’ll get it set-up for you, and you’ll crack it open!  Or take them with you and crack at home.  

Quality Guaranteed

We assemble each bag of mining rough by hand, ensuring that each treasure hunter finds a well-balanced, high-quality mixture of treasures.  While this takes a great deal of time, as parents, we want everyone to have a joy-filled experience.  We are certain you and your family will truly enjoy your Treasure Quest! 

Mine with us.  You will dig it!

We invite you to join in on the fun! Visit our store to enjoy an indoor, climate-controlled gem mining experience.  Open 7-days a week, year-round, we offer you the opportunity to mine rain or shine! 

We also operate a mobile sluice, you can also find us at fairs, festivals and other events in North Carolina. Check out ourscheduleto view our upcoming events.

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Gem Mining Sluice

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